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Historical Review

The archaeological remains found in the Cueva del Tesoro show that this area has been inhabited since ancient times. Around 50 BC the Phoenicians settled on the slopes of Benagalbón. Later, during the Roman period, a fortified town was built called Bezmiliana.

But it was during the Andalusí era that the city acquired more fame and was awarded the category of medina, and in the 11th century Al-Idrisi speaks of its two mosques, almadrabas (traditional fishing industries) etc., and in the 14th century Yusuf I built several watchtowers on the coastal strip. The arrival of the Catholic Monarchs saw a decline that continued until the 18th century, when Carlos III rebuilt the watchtowers and the Casa-Fuerte de Bezmiliana.

The current name of Rincón de la Victoria comes from the Order of Minims, who arrived in these lands and built the Convent of Victoria.

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