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On 2nd February each year the Feria de Benagalbón takes place. Benalbinos (as the locals are called) parade their patron saint, the Virgen de la Candelaria, through the streets of the town while they and their visitors throw sugared almonds and peanuts throughout her journey.

Beginning in the month of July, the streets of La Cala del Moral are decorated with lanterns and strings of lights as they begin their joyful and colourful Feria.

The Feria de Rincón de la Victoria takes place around July 16th, the feast day of the Virgen del Carmen. During it the Virgin is carried out to sea, accompanied by a procession of boats, and then the statue is taken from the sea on the shoulders of fishermen who walk the streets of the town which are crowded with people, both locals and visitors. During the festival regattas are celebrated with the participation of traditional jábegas, typical boats of Phoenician origin common along the coast of Malaga.

August gives way to our Feria de la Torre de Benagalbón, full of colour and flavour and bringing us closer to its people and their popular traditions.

In the second half of September the famous "Traditional 'Verdiales' Contest" comes to the streets of Benagalbón, with more than twelve "monte" style groups (called pandas) performing this beautiful folk music and dance, typical of Malaga.

During the month of May the Romerías de Benagalbón, La Cala del Moral and Torre de Benagalbón take place. Other celebrations are also held, such as Carnival, Easter, Retro Dance Competition, etc.

In July the Comedy Festival takes place in Rincón de la Victoria and La Cala del Moral, during which both towns celebrate various outdoor activities: plays, performances music, etc.

In early August the flamenco festival "Puerta de la Axarquía", organized by the flamenco club "El Piyayo", takes place in our municipality - an unmissable event for fans of cante jondo flamenco singing.

An ancient Christmas tradition has been revived: belenes and pastorales, or nativity and shepherd scenes, involving groups dressed as shepherds performing traditional carols to the accompaniment of various handmade musical instruments.

At a strictly cultural level, the Semana Cultural de Benagalbón (Benagalbón Cultural Week) is held during the month of May and is one of the oldest of all those celebrated in the province of Malaga. Numerous and varied events take place during the week: a literary contest, talks, various exhibitions... all with huge and active participation.

In February, coinciding with the feast of St. Valentine, the "Noctiluca" love poetry prize is celebrated with the call attracting poets from every corner of Spain.

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