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Municipal Street Map

Names of Streets, Signposting. Maintenance-Update of Street Map

The Bureau of Statistics is responsible for meeting the municipality's needs with regard to the street map, maintaining and updating it through field work. The operations required to unify criteria and data with other official bodies are being progressively carried out, given the importance of a well-functioning street map. We are working with the aim of achieving the best possible street map.

In this section the municipal street map is published in two formats:

* The first is a PDF file, which will open in a new browser window and which can be searched by street name, neighbourhood, square etc.

The recommended dimensions for printing this document (for those who would like to have this information on paper) are 2,000 x 910 mm.

Complete Street Map

* A document has also been prepared for printing in A4 format with the territory divided over several sheets and with a list of street names with their corresponding grid location included.

Street Map for Printing

Complies with the philosophy of Unified Institutional Data announced in the Plan Estadístico y Cartográfico de Andalucía (Andalusian Statistical and Cartographic Plan) 2013-2017. The digital Map is available from Andalucía Unificado (CDAU), map display web service: